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IGT Resistive TouchScreen Technology

Typical Applications
- Point of Sale
  Restaurant, Fast food
  Hotel, Vending Machine
  Retails, Grocery
- Industrial Solutions
  Process Control
  Machine Control
  OA Equipment
  Industrial PCs
  R&D Equipment
  FA Equipment
- Transportation Solutions
  In-vehicle Use
  Baggage Handling
-   Medical equipment
- Product
  10.4" ~ 19.0"
  Custom size
- Glass Type
- Film Type
  High clear
- Controller Option
- Touch Life
  More than 30 million touches
- Warranty
  Extensive warranties (5 years)
A 5-Wire Resistive touchscreen is coated with a thin metallic electrically conductive and resistive layer that causes a change in the electrical current which is registered as a touch even and sent to the controller for processing. Resistive touch panels are generally more affordable but offer only 75% clarity and layer can be damaged by sharp objects. Resistive touchscreens are not affected by outside elements such as dust or water. Generally in the analogue resistive technology, top layer acts as a probe detecting the other axis(X or Y) and this structure, as the top layer gets worn out, may degrade the linearity and the accuracy of detecting coordinates with long time use. 5-wire resistive technology is to complement these weak points and here are its structure and the operating principles.

As shown above, 5-wire technology utilizes the bottom substrate for both X & Y axes' potential measurements. All the electrodes are placed on the bottom layer and the top layer acts only as a voltage measuring probe. This basic design difference of the structure leads to much more durable and stable characteristics and it works properly even with non-uniformity in the top layer's conductive coating.
Advantages of 5-Wire Resistive
- Superior accuracy, performance, durability
- Finger, gloved-hand, and pen for data entering
- Strong resistance to external static electricity and noises in poor conditions
- Clean original images by using films with excellent transmission

5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Specification



Sensor Sizes:
Input Method:
Touch Activation Force:
Film Surface Hardness:
Surface Durability:

PET Film - Anti-Glare type - 188 15% (T)
               Clear type - 188 15% (T)
               Glass  1.8, 2.9 0% (T)
               ConnectorFPC tail , 5-pin, Pitch=2.54
               Tape (Gasket) 50, 80
               Controller - Serial, USB

10.4” - 19.0" Custom sizes
Finger, Gloved Finger or Stylus Pen
Less than 110 grams
Meets pencil hardness 3H
10k times (250gf, pen speed 100, 5mm/sec)


Light Transmission:

81% (550nm wavelength optimized for flat-panel displays)


Charter writing operation:
Touch Life:

5,000,000 alphanumeric characters at any point within an effective area.
More than 10 million touches in a single location


Usable Temperature:

Storage Temperature:

Relative Humidity:

Humidity Test:

Thermal Shock Test:

Operating: -20C ~ 70C Humidity 90% RH at max 35C

Storage: -40C ~ 80C Humidity 90% RH at max 35C

25 ~ 90% Temperature: 202c, Humidity: 65 5% RH

602C and 90~95% relative humidity

-40C2C/30min, 80C2C/30min (10cycles)


Touch Resolution:


ITO Glass Resistance between leads:

Chattering Time:

1024 x 1024 or more

Standard Deviation of error is less than 2% on most displays.
Criterion Direction "X" (Glass side) 30~100 (Typ. 350) Direction "Y" (Glass side) 30~100

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