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IGT Capacitive TouchScreen Technology

Typical Applications

- Gaming
- Vending
- Kiosks
- Industrial
- Retailing
- Restaurants
- Finanace
- Medical


- 15", 17", 19.0"
- Custom Size

Glass Type

- Normal

Controller Option

- Serial

Touch Life

More than 100
million touches


Warranties (5 years)
A Capacitive Touchscreen is an all-glass sensor made by coating TAO(Tin Antimony Oxide) on surfaces of the glass substrate, for which capacitance of human body can be used. It greatly enables smooth operation in almost any tough environment and poor conditions. Capacitive touch screen is not affected by outside elements and have high clarity. So its application fields are very popular in outdoor kiosks, industrial environments, Guide system, POS etc. Its structure and operating principles are as follows.

As shown above, it is composed of 1 sheet of glass substrate without using top layer; it has higher light transmittance and better surface durability. But as it does not react to the gloved hands or non conductive materials, limited input devices like a finger must be adopted. An electrode pattern is printed along the edge on the conductive layer. The glass overcoat is also fused over the conductive coating to protect and seal the sensor.
Advantages of Capacitive Touch
- Slight touch can be detected as it reacts to just a little static electricity
- Good durability with a special metal coating
- Long life (100 million times touch)
- Great endurance in tough environment of weather, contaminants, or liquid
- Excellent light transmittance

Capacitive Touchscreen Specification


Sensor Sizes:
Input Method:
Hardcoat Pencil Hardness:
Surface Durability:

Glass 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm 10 % (T)
15.0"~19.0", Custom sizes
Meets pencil hardness 7H
10k times (250gf, pen speed 10015mm/sec)


Light Transmission:


90% ^(550nm wavelength optimized for flat-panel displays)

Clear overcoat


Touch Life:

More than 6 million touches in a single location


Usable Temperature:

Storage Temperature:

Relative Humidity:

Humidity Test:

Thermal Shock Test:

Operating: -20C ~ 70C Humidity 90% RH at max 35C
Storage: -40C ~ 80C Humidity 90% RH at max 35C
25 ~ 90% Temperature: 202c, Humidity: 65 5% RH
602C and 90~95% relative humidity

-40C2C/30min, 80C2C/30min (10cycles)


Touch Resolution:


1024 x 1024 or more

Standard Deviation of error is less than 2% on most displays.
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